At the Heart of the long Trail  is the concept, "No Roads No Problem" The Or-Fab bumper accents the electric Gecko Green exterior and the 35inch Fierce Altitude Tires. "A fierce competitor to Mother Nature with close to factory Handling" exclaimed Erik Pearsons in the mists of the creative process.

                                                                                               Package Price:     $5995    
                                                                                              3 Rubicon Express Lift
                                      OR-Fab Crawler Front & Rear Bumpers
OR-FAB  Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier
                                                                                5 Fierce Attitude 35 X 12.5 M/T Tires
                                                                            5 ION Alloy Rims &
  Brake Light Extension 
    Price is an estimate and subject to change based Parts and Labor
             Customizing Jeeps and Four Wheel Drives from Rutland to Burlinton and across the lake into New York and the surrounding areas.