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My second Jeep from your dealership, That says it all!
Mr & Mrs Dunn
I'm amazed how helpful and friendly everyone is at Brileya's. It's so refreshing to see that in today's world!!!

Mr. & Mrs Seward, Brileyas
Gary is one of the nicest people I have ever met, Buying a car was a breeze here, the whole process was quick and easy and Gary took care of everything for us. Highly recommended, Thank you so very much!
Mr. Edwards, Brileyas
Excellent Salesmanship. No reason to go anywhere else. Thank you very much for your help and assistance. Great Service, Great Product. Fun Jeep!
Mr & Mrs Brewer, Brileya's

Dear Scott:


Good evening. Wanted to tell you about the car buying experience at your dealership.


I contacted Jason Duby out of curiosity. Why would I drive to Vermont when I could buy from Miller in New Hampshire - a few miles from my house. Well, here is why.


1) Jason responded to my e-mail within minutes. I mean minutes. I'm interested. I like a man who can do business over email efficiently and will be responsive. He was.

2) I had VERY specific demands. I wanted to spend over 40K on the perfect Jeep. Well Jason searched the entire US for what I wanted. My combination was nearly impossible to find. He was the only dealer who said, look, let me be straight, if you want exactly these things, would you consider a factory order? I will get you exactly what you want. I will not give up. Guess what - it had never occurred to me, but he was right. He was 100% right. He sold me on the idea. He could have desperately attempted to sell me something I didn't 'exactly' want the way Miller did. Instead - he found a way to get me EXACTLY what I wanted. It seemed like he was more interested in making me a happy customer then making a quick sale. WINNER.

3) He wrote me back within minutes of EVERY SINGLE EMAIL. And there were many. Maybe a hundred. Literally. I am a busy professional. This is the kind of service I'm looking for. I told him not to harangue me with calls like other dealers did. Guess what, he didn't. He e-mailed me exactly like I asked.

4) He was straight up. 100% straight. He laid out the costs, with no hidden BS. This was the ultimate expression of his, 'respect for his customer.' No games. "Why would I hide something from you? My customers are smart." he said. WOW! Jason - the best. If only all car salesman were like this.

5)  He followed up religiously. Once he 'made the sale' when I committed to the factory order, he made sure I got the car in time for my road trip. It gets better. I swear he DETAILED THE CAR HIMSELF because I needed it that day! I drove over an hour to get it - there it was waiting, hand-detailed by Jason. 

6) He did all the paperwork legwork so my husband and I could roll in and out of the dealership. With our new car. NO NONSENSE. No games. No, 'let me talk to the sales manager about this undercoat you need." He offered me the packages and warranties but didn't torture me until I wanted to walk out instead of buy the damn car (and I've done that before). Do you know what this does? He won a customer - FOR LIFE.

7) He respected both my husband's and my privacy. We are very busy professionals and one of us has a high-profile job. He did not inundate us with inane questions about our personal lives. I have had this experience at some car dealerships. I almost bought an Acura MDX but the salesguy would not stop asking me about my job and personal life trying to make a 'false' connection. In a sense, Jason recognized the customer type he was dealing with -- and responded accordingly. It's almost like he had an innate sense of how to 'win' his customer over by modifying his approach. He operated on a courteous, 'need to know' basis. No nonsense, no haranguing, just a totally professional and whole-hearted effort to win a happy customer. Not just make a sale. I swear - in a way, he cared more about making me happy then making a quick buck. Guess what - that's the kind of guy who can close a deal. That's why I abandoned Miller and drove to Vermont to buy from you.


You have someone very special on your hands. In fact, I think he's destined for sales greatness. No question. I actually think he'd be perfect in our hometown (San Francisco) dealing with the VIP personalities at a luxury car place. I could see him charming a Maserati customer in Silicon Valley with his classy approach. My husband and I talked for days about how that was the best car buying experience we have ever had - - if Chrysler can keep this up, they have earned customers FOR LIFE.  


By the way - we LOVE our new Jeep GC Overland!








Mona & Nikhil
This was a wonderful shopping experience Kudos to Gary Stephens. Yes. I would recommend Brileya's!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Gastman
My second Jeep from your dealership, that says it all
Mr & Mrs Dunn


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