The Jk Diablo is created from the inner Hell of our very own Brix Performance chief designer, Erik Pearsons. The Flame Red Body color adds to it's extreme appearance. If the Bumpers and Rock rails don't give you the confidence to smash through the wilderness, the extra lift just might. Attack Vermont's back country with a vengeance or take command of the Highway in route to Mass, Connecticut and beyond. With Brix Performance at your side you can and will go everywhere!


                                                                The JK Diablo Package includes:
                  2.5" Rubicon Express Lift * 4 Rubicon Express shocks w. red boots * 5 WORX Alloy 17"  Wheels                                        5 General Grabber 35' x 17 *  Cobra Olympic 3 Hoop front Bumper * SmittyBilt Rocker Guard side steps                                        Spyder Rear Bumper w. swing away spare tire mount & trailer hitch * 8 Metal Hinge Covers                                                        MOPAR fuel filler door w. body colored lettering * Front Grille Trim Bezels & Hood Applique                  
Rear tail lamp Gaurds and Head Lamp * Diamond Plate Front Bumper Shroud         
Custom Diablo Graphic                                           
                                                 Price is an estimate and subject to change based on product availability.