Stop. Drop. Shut them down, open up shop. Oooh, nooo, that's how you gotta' roll. What are we talking about? Maintaining your vehicle's regular service schedule. It's the only way you can avoid a rough ride. What else could we have been talking about? Here are six reasons why you should service your vehicle.

Reason Number One: Keeps Your Warrant Intact

Did you know that you could void your warranty if you don’t follow your maintenance schedule? If you don’t keep up with your service intervals and something major happens to your car, you could end up paying out of pocket for your repairs.

Reason Number Two: Reduce Major Repairs

Do you like paying major repair bills? No one does. But, what hurts worse is when your major problem could’ve been avoided with a regular checkup. These checkups are designed to detect potential problems so you won’t have to foot the bill for a major repair.

Reason Number Three: You Stay Safe on the Road

When our professional mechanics inspect your vehicle, they’ll ensure that everything functions correctly. From your tires to your vehicle fluids, they’ll keep everything operating properly. Low tire tread or vehicle fluids can leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Reason Number Four: Protects Your Car’s Value

No one will want to buy a vehicle with multiple major repairs. Either that, or you’ll get less than market value for your car. Why? It means that the previous owner hasn’t taken care of it. If you want to resale your vehicle down the line, keeping it in great condition with regular maintenance is important.

Reason Number Five: Discounts

Many dealerships offer discounts for regular maintenance. You can get coupons for oil changes, tire rotations, and more. And most times, they’ll even through in a free multi-point inspection. You’ll save money when you keep your vehicle in good condition.

Reason Number Six: Longevity

When you stay up to date with your vehicle maintenance schedule, you’ll ensure that your vehicle lasts longer. How long? Some makes and models can exceed 200k miles before they tap out. Regular maintenance is key.

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Don’t skip your regular maintenance checks. If you need to catch up or have something else you want us to look at, you can schedule an appointment online or stop by. One of our friendly auto technicians will give you the help and assistance you need.

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