Trusted mechanics around the Green Mountains and rural Vermont are few and far between. No maintenance team knows how to repair your Jeep or Chrysler vehicle better than we do at our Mopar® service center in Rutland, VT. Visit Brileya's Chrysler-Jeep service center to discover the advantages of getting your car repaired by the experts at a dealership.

1. Mopar®-Certified Technicians Vermont Drivers Can Trust

Like we mentioned, no team knows how to service your Chrysler or Jeep like we do. Our Mopar®-certified technicians know how to properly repair your Jeep SUV, Jeep pickup, Chrysler van, Chrysler car, or any other vehicle you drive. Our team uses advanced equipment and diagnostics to perform repairs the right way.

2. Warranty Repairs

Our Mopar® service center in Rutland, VT covers warranty repairs. If Middlebury motorists experience a breakdown or have failing parts and systems, they can come to Brileya's Chrysler-Jeep for warranty repairs. We honor the existing warranty on your Chrysler, Jeep, or another vehicle and handle the repairs to keep you safe with a fully functioning vehicle.

3. Recall Service for Your Jeep or Chrysler

If Rutland, VT drivers realize their Chrysler or Jeep is under recall, they can come to us for recall service. Most mechanics can't handle recall service. We have the information and the experience to address recall repairs with the goal of keeping you safe.

4. Mopar® Parts to Provide Your Chrysler or Jeep with Perfectly-Fitted Repairs

Most Vermont body shops don't have access to the exact repair and restoration parts your vehicle requires. Thanks to our fully-stocked Mopar® parts center in Rutland, VT, we can supply you with the right OEM parts that are fitted to your Chrysler or Jeep. This leads to model-specific repairs.

5. Maintenance Savings & Discounts with Our Mopar® Service Specials

We don't want Vermont motorists paying more for maintenance. That's why we offer Mopar® service specials in Rutland, VT. These service coupons and deals offer discounts that create more savings opportunities compared to local body shops.

Schedule Service Online with Our Mopar® Service Center in Rutland, VT

As you can see, there are several advantages to getting your car repaired at a dealership. Schedule service online with our Rutland, VT Mopar® service center to experience quality repairs at Brileya's Chrysler-Jeep.

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