Are you eyeing a new Chrysler or Jeep, but wondering if it’s a good fit for you? A test drive is the only way to truly know if you will like a new vehicle. Brileya’s Chrysler Jeep is ready to introduce you to our new inventory and you can get even more out of your test drive experience by following these helpful tips.

Tip #1

It’s always best to schedule a test drive with us ahead of time. This will guarantee that we have your desired vehicle ready to go when you get here.

Tip #2

You should also consider scheduling this test drive for a weekday if possible. Our dealership in Rutland, VT will be a lot less busy, and you’ll be able to test out multiple vehicles during your visit.

Tip #3

Be sure to bring a friend. It’s always best to bring someone with you during the test drive. They will be able to provide a different perspective to the entire experience. They may even see some things that you missed while you were focused on the road.

Tip #4

If you regularly travel with bulky items, then you might want to bring them to your test drive. This could include car seats, bicycles, or luggage. This is the only way you can guarantee that these items easily fit in the new car.

Tip #5

The test drive is the perfect time to try out some of the car's technology features. You want to make sure everything is easy to use as you’re driving around Rutland. Our knowledgeable sales team can answer all your in-car technology questions.

Tip #6

You should always try out the vehicle at various speeds. There’s only so much you can learn while driving on city streets. Jump on the highway for a few miles to make sure you like how everything feels at higher speeds.

Tip #7

You should never rush into a decision after a test drive. Buying a new vehicle is a serious decision, and we always want our customers to be happy with their choice.

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