Sometimes you just don't want to settle for what you find in a dealership's new inventory. It can be frustrating to be limited to a certain selection of vehicles that don't have what exactly you want. With the current state of the automotive market leading to low inventories at Rutland dealerships, it can be especially frustrating car shopping. But it doesn't have to remain that way. At our Brileya's Chrysler-Jeep, we offer a solution: let us help you custom order the car of your dreams.

Take the Hassle Out of the Shopping Experience

Choosing to purchase or lease a vehicle that only brings some of the features, technology, or amenities you want can be a hassle. So why not a custom order a vehicle? While custom ordering a vehicle may mean you have to wait a few months, you will ultimately receive a vehicle that is exactly what you want. We can help you order one as well. We have experts that can help you decide on the finer details of your vehicle. Plus, we can deal with the details of ordering your vehicle and receiving it once it is complete. This gives you a convenient location to pick up your vehicle too.

Custom Ordering a Jeep® Vehicle

One of the most popular vehicles to customize is a Jeep® model. Many Middlebury owners already customize their Jeep models after their purchase, so it is a good idea to get ahead of the game and custom order one. If you love to go out on adventures, consider adding versatility-based features. Or, if you need your vehicle for getting around town, add in options for comfort and convenience. Or choose a mix of the two. Whatever you prefer in your vehicle, you can have.