At some point in life, you may have trying times and end up with less-than-perfect credit! It is more common than not, which is why we at Brileya's Chrysler Jeep love educating the public on credit and car financing. If you are in the Rutland area, stop by our dealership to check out our inventory and get help with financing.

Start Working on Your Credit Score

In general, the higher your credit score is the lower your interest rate. If you are going to finance a vehicle, your credit is the first thing looked at to determine your credibility in paying back the loan for your car. Changing a few things can increase your score a lot. You can pay down balances on your credit cards to under 10% or start making payments on debts that you aren't paying on at all.


Your income is vital for a few reasons. A lender will look at your income to determine the monthly payment you can afford and your savings to determine your downpayment. If you have bad credit, getting the vehicle you want increases if you have a more significant downpayment.


If you have bad credit, finding a co-signer is a great way to get the car you want. Your co-signer needs good credit and has the willingness to be liable for your car payments if you fail to make them.

Choose a Different Vehicle

If you can't get the vehicle you want right away, a cheaper or different type of vehicle may be a step toward the car of your dreams. Finance something else to build the credit you need, and then you've proven stability for your next loan. Making your payments on time for your vehicle and your other debts is essential to increase your credit. Check out our new and used inventories, and our finance offers today.

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