Helpful Winter Driving Tips To Stay Safe This Winter

Winter is in full swing and so is some of the toughest driving Vermonters will face. Brutally cold temperatures, whiteout snowstorms, and black ice. We have some helpful winter driving tips that we have picked up over the years and want to share with our customers to make sure that everyone makes it home safely.

  • Slow & Steady Wins The Race: We have all heard this saying and it is never more true than driving around Vermont in the middle of a snowstorm when you can't see more than a couple of feet ahead. It is best to try and accelerate slowly to avoid spinning out and give yourself as much room as possible when coming to a stop to avoid skidding.
  • Keep Emergency Supplies: In the event your crash or get stranded on the side of the road you will be glad that you had some emergency supplies. A good few items to keep in your car at all times include: water, flashlight and batteries, blanket, road flares, and jumper cables.
  • Proper Vehicle Preparation: It is important that at the beginning of every winter seasons you have your car inspected and your tires swapped over. Winter tires are great for Vermont drivers due to their deep treads that help provide traction. It is also important to check and replace your brakes, wiper blades, and fluids.

For more winter driving tips to reach out to a member of our team here at Brileya's Chrysler Jeep. Stay safe this winter!

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