Stay Cool in the Summer and Take Your Jeep Wrangler Hard Top Off!

Those of us who live in Vermont know that there are more days that are cold than hot within the year. However, it could be said that we tend to appreciate summer even more for this reason, and what better way is there to enjoy the season than to spend it outdoors? Lucky for Jeep Wrangler drivers, you can get the most out of weekend excursions in a few simple steps! Just take the hard top off, and you will be ready to enjoy the warm breeze as you travel through Rutland and beyond.

Taking Off Your Wrangler Hard Top

Taking off the hard top of your Jeep Wrangler is a lot easier than you think! Before you begin, unclip the sun visors, open all the doors, and roll down all the windows to make the removal process easier. You will also want to have a T40 Torx screwdriver handy. If you do not have one, then you can always get it at our dealership's convenient Parts Department.

Now that you are ready, the first step is to unhinge the hard top from the body. In order to do this, flip the L-shaped locks—located at the center seam where the roof panel edges meet—to the open position. Then, unscrew the two rear fastener knobs on the horizontal beam known as the rollbar. Once these screws are removed, you can proceed to unlatch the header panel at the rim of the windshield. These stages will release the panels above, allowing you to remove them. You will want to start with the panel on the driver's side.

After the panels are removed, you can continue to take off the rest of the hard top. At this stage, you will want to make sure you have the T40 Torx screwdriver ready because you will use it to remove screws. Along the beam where the hard top connects to the body, you will find six screws on either side. Remove these with your tool. On four-door Wrangler models, there are two additional screws at the top near the front door. Once they are all removed, you can store them away in the built-in screw storage area at the back end of the vehicle.

The next step is then to disconnect the wiring harness and washer hose, both of which are easy to do. To detach the wiring harness, just release the red locking tab, press the side, and pull down. To detach the washer hose, just pinch the sides of the tube and pull down. Once all this is complete, you just have to carefully carry the hard top off your vehicle and put it away for another day!

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